One Houston, One Library

The library's One Houston, One Library Transformation Plan provides a look at how HPL is aligning its people, place, and platform assets with citywide priorities driven by customer usage and needs and how the system is planning for the future. The comprehensive neighborhood capital improvement plan includes two key initiatives:

  • Providing the Houston community more effective and equitable access to the Library's services, collections, and technology in the communities where they live, work, and raise their families.
  • Continuing to provide access to services and resources such as computers, technology instruction, children's and teen programs, student resources, job search assistance, and variety of book and e-Book collections.

We encourage you to enjoy the latest information about our building and facility projects.

Building for the Future

A Library of the Future, Today!

TECHLink Dixon powered by Aramco, opened January 28, 2021!  TECHLink is one of HPL’s premier library service models featured in our transformative “One Houston. One Library” strategic plan, that is aimed at ensuring Houstonians throughout the city have equitable access to resources and services within any area of the city.  While other library locations have been remodeled with the TECHLink concept, this is HPL's first stand-alone TECHLink facility, uniquely designed and specifically constructed for the delivery of TECHLink's robust technology resources.

African American Library at the Gregory School

African American Library at the Gregory School Update: July 2021

The Library will undergo repairs to the exterior façade, roof, and exterior doors and windows. Originally built in 1926, and majorly renovated in 2008, the facility repairs will help extend the life span of the Library. Located in Freedman’s Town, The Gregory School was the 1st African American school located in Houston.

Alief Neighborhood Center

Alief Neighborhood Center Update: July 2021

The Alief Neighborhood Center is the first City of Houston facility designed specifically to provide the delivery of popular public services through the Houston Public Library, Parks and Recreation Department, and the Health Department. The $54M, 69K SF facility, will house the Alief Regional Library and TECHLink Facility. TECHLink is an innovative and potentially transformative extension of HPL’s current program of services to include free and equitable access to new and emerging state-of-the-art technologies. These spaces provide customers with instruction and tools for exploring music and video
production, digital animation, graphic design, photo editing, multimedia presentations, coding and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-focused education.

Barbara Bush Literacy Plaza

Barbara Bush Literacy Plaza Update: July 2021

The Plaza scope will include new plaza paving, artificial lawn, planters with trees, Adult Reading Area, Children’s Reading Room with shade structure and fans. New lighting, planters, irrigation, video display, water wall, and new site furnishings. 

Flores Library

Flores Library Update: July 2021

Project Complete.  The Flores Library renovation will include a new and expanded Children’s area with Technology Lab and access to a Children’s patio learning space. New and expanded teen area with upgraded Technology. A new Adult area with new computers, new seating, and access to the patio. The renovation will include a new computer lab and updated meeting room.

Johnson Library Exterior and Roof Repairs

Johnson Library Exterior and Roof Repairs Update: July 2021

The Johnson Library will undergo repairs to the exterior building envelope and roof. The Library was originally constructed in 1996 and is 12,190 SF. The exterior building envelope and roof work will extend the life of the building.

Julia Ideson Building Foundation Repairs

Julia Ideson Building Foundation Repairs Update: July 2021

The Julia Ideson Building, originally built in 1926 and renovated in 2007, will undergo foundational repairs to stabilze the building.

Kashmere Library Renovation

Kashmere Library Renovation Update: July 2021

Project Complete.  This project will install and relocate new roof drain lines to the exterior of the building; add structural foundation helical piles; and repair interior finishes to restore the building to pre-Hurricane Harvey condition.

Kendall Library

Kendall Library Update: July 2021

The Kendall Library was damaged by rising flood waters during Hurricane Harvey. Approximately 48”+ of flood waters entered the entire first floor. The first floor, the roof, siding, furniture and content were affected by the storm. Flood water remained in the building for up to two weeks without air conditioning or power.

Montrose Library

Montrose Library Update: July 2021

The New Montrose Library, located within the New Montrose Collective Development, will feature a Library with reading areas, Technology access, a Children’s area, a Teen area, and meeting spaces. The Montrose Collective is a new mixed-use retail/office spaces in the heart of Montrose.

Westbury Library

Westbury Library Update: July 2021

The New Westbury Library will be combining the services of Meyer Neighborhood Library and the Frank HPL Express Library at this new location. The New Library will consist of a children’s, teen, and adult area, a meeting room, conference room, computers, and a TECHLink area.