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Kendall Library
Update: September 2021
Kendall Library

The Kendall Library was damaged by rising flood waters during Hurricane Harvey. Approximately 48”+ of flood waters entered the entire first floor. The first floor, the roof, siding, furniture and content were affected by the storm. Flood water remained in the building for up to two weeks without air conditioning or power.

609 N. Eldridge Houston, Texas 77079

September 2021 Update

Architect: Robert Adams, Inc.
Contractor: Gadberry Construction
Construction Budget: $4,137,000.00
Current Phase: Construction
Schedule: Substantial Completion 1st Quarter 2022.
Past 30 Days: Interior metal framing and sheetrock installation.  Electrical and Mechanical repairs underway.  Exterior floodwall foundation being excavated.
Next 30 Days: Continue construction on floodwall system and waterproofing.  Interior framing, sheetrock and mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation.