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Alief Neighborhood Center
Update: September 2021
Alief Neighborhood Center

The Alief Neighborhood Center is the first City of Houston facility designed specifically to provide the delivery of popular public services through the Houston Public Library, Parks and Recreation Department, and the Health Department. The $54M, 69K SF facility, will house the Alief Regional Library and TECHLink Facility. TECHLink is an innovative and potentially transformative extension of HPL’s current program of services to include free and equitable access to new and emerging state-of-the-art technologies. These spaces provide customers with instruction and tools for exploring music and video
production, digital animation, graphic design, photo editing, multimedia presentations, coding and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-focused education.

Alief Neighborhood Center
Houston Public Library and TECHLink
11903 Bellaire Boulevard

September 2021 Update

Architect: EYP Architecture & Engineering
Contractor: Manhattan Construction Company
Construction Budget: $54M
Schedule: Construction began 8/2020 and will be Substantially Complete 4/2022.
Past 30 Days: Steel Frame installation. Pool construction. Soccer Fields development.  Site Paving.
Next 30 Days: Continue Site development and concrete.  Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation in the building.